Client Testimonials

“When dealing with the government on complex issues, you need a lawyer that takes the time to understand your business and your individual goals and develops a strategy that is consistent with both, fights like hell for your position and delivers it all for a fair price. Yes that is a difficult combination to find. Boyle/Apelman is just such a firm.”
— Dennis Walker, Chairman of Jet Linx


“Our Firm–BDG– has relied on Terry Boyle for more than 15 years. The issues have varied from tax strategies, to criminal activity…from estate planning to employment issues….and an array of issues in between. Terry has been the ideal legal partner for our business. He has been nothing short of fantastic in terms of common sense, shared vision of win-win outcomes and honest “caring”….We have dealt with other firms, but none “get it” like Terry and his team.”
— Jeffrey Horn, Business Development Group, Inc.


“There are many firms that are the “best money can buy” type firms. When the chips are down, I want a firm that will understand my position, assess the opposition’s position and advise me as to the best way through the maze. I do not want to have to worry about whether I am getting the time and attention I deserve. I want access to the best lawyer for my issue and I do not want to be handed off to a junior or a procession of other lawyers because of the law firm’s caseload. Over the seven plus years I have worked with Boyle/Apelman, I have always had immediate access to the very best lawyers when I need them. When I needed him, Terry was on an airplane to meet with me even though it was the two days before Christmas. They provided not only great legal service, but they were there for me in a very difficult time.”
— Randy Cook, former president of a $4 billion agricultural company


“As a creative businessman, I need a law firm that can keep up with me and let me develop business and ideas but also tell me where the lines are. Boyle/Apelman does that for me.”
— Bob Brewer, serial entrepreneur


“When you are fighting a war on many fronts and the government refuses to listen to reason, you need a Firm that can both outsmart and outfight them until they listen to reason. That is Boyle/Apelman.”
— President/majority owner of family banking business


“I have used Boyle/Apelman in a variety of legal matters and I have been impressed by the hands-on, common sense approach. I hope I don’t need them again, but if I do, I know who to call.”
— Don Hansen, private equity executive


“When dealing with complex issues such as patent litigation it is extremely important to have a law firm that can digest a vast amount of material,
formulate a strategy and execute. There are many law firms that know how to litigate at any cost. There are very few firms that can litigate
aggressively and efficiently. Boyle/Apelman is such a firm.”
— Jeff Finn, President of eSoft


“Forget about the “super lawyer” popularity contests. These guys are the real deal. When the government comes after you and your back is to the wall. You want someone who can fight for you, but at the same time, can give you objective advice.”
— Former COO of $4 billion meat packing company


“You hear the term “bet the company” law firm. I trusted this firm with my life and it was the right decision.”
— Former President of $3 billion chemical company


“You have proven to be a great resource for Armstrong. They didn’t just help us win battles. They helped us decide which ones were worth fighting.”
— Rick Soeder, President of Armstrong Relocation Company


“Although our company is small, we never felt ignored in favor of their bigger clients. Boyle/Apelman were always available to talk. Even if they were out of town, or out of the country, they always returned my calls within 24 hours. We always got personal attention and timely, intelligent answers to our questions.”
— Bill Andrews, President, Creative Door, Inc.